7Shades (of Shit) by 7Shades (Work in progress)

7 Shades Tim Smith Fund Raiser

Tim Smith Fund Raiser

Only fans of Cardiacs know the special glistening feeling of hearing a new Cardiacs track for the first time.  There have been many impersonators and some great covers, but when I heard the first 5 released tracks from 7Shades I had that feeling.  It is great to hear some original music again, that has energy and originality in abundance.


It makes me wish I could play a musical instrument, and I feel half the age I am whilst listening.  The tracks I have heard include “7Shades Album Mash Up”; which is a taste of the excitement to come (I hear there is a video in production for this song).  “Permutations” made me smile and it was a real buzz to hear, on the strength of this song and the next “Rainbow Dragon Breathe” I’d say that I definitely want to see them playing live and would go well out of my way to do so.

Really you should check out the band camp website and also support their pledge music campaign here: SUPPORT 7Shades

Cardiacs were a great band whose music will stand the test of time, Tim Smith to those in the Cardiacs pond is a very special man and I hope that this 7Shades album is more than a footnote in the story of the pond and the hopeful and eventual full recovery of Tim Smith.

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