London Shoot

About a month or two ago I was approached by Zachary Ward to make a film for one of his songs.  The idea that I have been working on was developed from a silent film that I made:

I am very pleased that he approached me as it has given me the opportunity to do a really do a major film project.  The film making process has had ups and down along the way, but finally yesturday I shot it.  It is still a little way from completion, with post production included.  The song that I have been working with is called “Vast City” from the album “This Wonderful Playground”, by Zack Ward.  A major work by Zack that I hope will be very successful, it deserves to be so.

I very much hope that the video that I am making for Zach will be well received.  We have already discussed the possiblity of entering it into a music video competition, or competitions.  In the film there are three actors; Seamus Hayes, Chloe Matheo and myself.  Seamus and Chloe are also musicians, as well as actors.  You can listen to their sounds here:



The film will probably be finished in about a fortnight, with a release scheduled for late June or early July.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie Mounsey (Unwelcome Human Films)

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