Preparing for my first live show

I have always wanted to perform, I guess it is self inflated belife in myself that makes this so.  But I do want to perform.  I remember dancing in my parents living room in my fluorescent socks to all kinds of crazy disco, as a child,  I even practiced my robotics dance.  But whether it was the lack of confidence or something else I did not really get the opportunity.  In my early 20s I was in a band for a while called Toxic Cocktail, but I think I may have died on stage that first and only time I performed with them.  Anyway it was a good experience and they were lovely people.

Since turning 40 I have been doing all the things I never got round to doing that I really want to do.  I make films and write music, and more recently I have been doing some acting.  But the thing I really want to do is to perform; to be on stage and entertain.  About 18 months ago I purchasd Resolume software in order to become a video jockey.  This never actually occured as there is not that much call for it in my village.  However having this software is key to me now being able to perform live, because with this software I can mix short video and music loops live in real time on stage.


It was a revelation to me when I realised that performance was in my sights.  I have just finished recording a new album and I am preparing the tracks for live performance.  I have plenty of footage that I can utilise as I am an obcessive film maker also.  Well thats it for now really.



Unwelcome Human


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